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Friday, October 19, 2018

The Luckiest Unlucky Man on Earth | An All Time Record

Luck, many people complain about not having it, some actually live in anger with their life and existence, even with their God for not being able to remember the last time they had a great and lucky moment, however it happens that, luck is relative and sometimes it is necessary to take a close look at death to realize how lucky we are. This takes us to the story of Mr. France Selak, who claims to be the "Luckiest Unlucky Man on Earth"

Start Counting, Selak First Accident-Train Derailed

It was January morning in 1962, and the Croatian music teacher, Frane Selak took a train, and while minding his own business, his train suddenly derailed. Disconnected from the rest of the train. his train car plunge down a narrow canyon and into a cold as crap river. Desperately trying to escape the sinking car train, Frane miraculously made his way to safety, reaching the shore, where he was pulled out of the icy waters by a bystander that could not believe what he just saw.

That day, 17 other people drowned in that accident, while Frane got away with nothing more than a broken arm.

Fear to Fly?. Destiny will give you Something to be Sacred of

As the story continues, about 1 year later, Selak's mother fell sick, and as a deeply concerned good son, Frane went to see his mother, although he has always being scared shitless of flying, immediately booked a plane ticket from Zagreb to Rijenka. Now, since the first flight was already fully booked, Frane managed to persuade a sympathetic airline employee to let him ride in the rear of the plane, with a single flight attendant.

He was very nervous, but that didn't seem to matter much given the circumstances, so Selak took to the skies without incident, gently and friendly chatting up with his neighbor flight attendant, and sharing some tea so he could put his mind of the present circumstances and off his nerves.

It was time to land, he will be off the hook in just a few minutes, he thought, when the rear door of the aircraft suddenly blew open and the pressure differential of the plane, sucked Selak, the flight attendant, and lots of luggage clear out of the airplane. As you may have imagined, Frane was plunging to a certain death, but he was miraculously saved by landing on a haystack, suffering just a couple of minor injuries.

No one else survived that terrible accident.

Two brushes with death should be enough for a single lifetime, but let's just say that fate was not done with Mr. Selak.

So, It's Better for Frane to take a Bus?

Almost four years after the plane accident, Frane was commuting on a local bus, when it suddenly skidded into a river. Again, plunged into icy waters, Frane managed to swim his way out of the sinking vehicle and swimming to safety, suffering just a few bruises and cuts, just like if he was playing with a friendly Pitt-bull dog.

Four other riders lost their lives that day.

No Trains, No Planes, and No Buses, Perhaps a Car?

Perhaps and very understandably, deterred from public transportation, Frane purchased a car of his own. In 1970, while driving, his car burst into flames and exploded. Diving for safety, Selak jumped off the car, getting away from the claws of death once more with some minor wounds. But that crap was not about to stop. Three years later, what should have been a freak accident, repeated itself with yet another of Frane's vehicles, exploding after spontaneously catching fire. Once again, diving for safety, our Selak friend escaped from fate with nothing more than minor burns.

No Moving Stuff, Frane should walk instead, right?

Perhaps giving him a chance to catch his breath, life gave Mr. Selak 22 years of relative peace until a bus hit him while walking on the streets of Zagreb in 1995. Although he was pretty old at that time, he practically got away flawless.

So Frane went back to drive, but he was forced off a mountain road by a speeding United Nations truck that jumped out of a curve suddenly, giving him 3 seconds to react. The car was sent plunging off the mountain ledge and into a ravine. Facing certain death, Mr. Selak managed to open the door of his moving coffin, jumping out at the last second and grabbing onto the branches of a tree and hoist himself to safety, avoiding the 300 feet drop that his car took. By the way, this happened just a year later, in 1996.

That was death's last attempt to take Frane's life, well, that is until to date. As if to make up for his incredible streak of bad luck (I really don't know if good or bad luck to be honest), Frane caught a break in the year 2003, winning 1 million dollars in the lottery.

In his own words "you can take a look at my life in two ways, I was the unluckiest man in the world or just the luckiest, I prefer to believe the latter"

His reputation had made it almost impossible to make or keep friends, people around him are hesitant to get into vehicles with him, or being in his general proximity for that matter, but, can you blame them? clearly not.

Until next time friends, thanks for reading.

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